SVS 3000 micro Review

SVS 3000 MICRO review

The desire for more bass is there, but the integration of a subwoofer is becoming a challenge. The 3000 Micro from SVS can easily solve many problems. We tested him. The subwoofer specialist SVS-Sound from the USA, usually just called SVS, is diligently expanding its portfolio. The new stars in the bass sky are the … Read more

Chris Mata

In the fast-paced world of social media marketing and brand development, one name stands out as an expert and a source of inspiration: Chris Mata. With a passion for showcasing consumer electronics gear in an approachable way, Chris combines his business acumen, innovative strategies, and a deep understanding of social media to educate and empower … Read more

Mike Perez

In the world of audio enthusiasts, a name that has risen to prominence is Mike Perez. With an unwavering passion for all things audio, Mike has made significant strides in the industry, establishing himself as a credible and professional figure. From his informative product reviews to engaging DIY projects, Mike has cultivated a thriving audio … Read more

Dan Marks

Dan Marks, svs sound

Vice President, Operations Dan started at SVS in 2002 building subwoofers in the garage that the company then occupied. No one on the planet knows more about what it takes to build and bring to market a high performance subwoofer. Dan manages operations in our Youngstown, Ohio headquarters and supervises quality control that occurs almost … Read more

Gary Yacoubian

gary yacoubian

CEO Gary leads the charge at SVS with a passionate, hands-on approach backed by a tireless work ethic. His leadership is critical to all aspects of product development, engineering, customer service, operations, marketing and sales and he works closely with each department to make sure they are invested in the SVS mission and resourced appropriately. … Read more