MAGICO Announces New DUAL-PUNCH Magico S-SUB 2023

Magico S-SUB 2023

Magico S-SUB 2023 Magico S-SUB 2023, the renowned manufacturer of high-end audio products, has announced the releaseof its latest subwoofer model, the Magico S-SUB 2023. This second-generation subwoofer has beenspecifically designed to perfectly complement the Magico S Series of loudspeakers, furtherenhancing the audio experience for discerning music enthusiasts. Building upon the success and technological advancements … Read more

Terry Ellis

Terry Ellis - Pursuit Perfect System

Terry Ellis, the owner of Pursuit Perfect Sound, is a prominent figure in the world of HiFi and audio-visual reviews on YouTube. His channel offers a unique approach to reviewing audio equipment by including recorded sound demonstrations from live listening sessions. This distinctive feature allows viewers to experience the sound quality themselves, bringing them one … Read more

Michael Stevens

Michael Stevens is a name synonymous with a deep passion for home audio and video. For over three decades, he has immersed himself in the world of home theater and music, fostering a profound love for these art forms. Leveraging the power of the YouTube platform, Michael has carved out a unique space to connect … Read more

Chris Mata

In the fast-paced world of social media marketing and brand development, one name stands out as an expert and a source of inspiration: Chris Mata. With a passion for showcasing consumer electronics gear in an approachable way, Chris combines his business acumen, innovative strategies, and a deep understanding of social media to educate and empower … Read more

Mike Perez

In the world of audio enthusiasts, a name that has risen to prominence is Mike Perez. With an unwavering passion for all things audio, Mike has made significant strides in the industry, establishing himself as a credible and professional figure. From his informative product reviews to engaging DIY projects, Mike has cultivated a thriving audio … Read more

Atman Sylph turns any surface into a speaker

Atman Sylph

Atman, a French company, has recently unveiled an innovative device called Sylph, which has the unique capability of transforming almost any surface in a room into a dynamic sound emitter. By simply placing the Atman Sylph on a surface such as the floor, ceiling, window, or even a thin partition, and providing it with power … Read more

BGVP Phantom headphones with four types of drivers

BGVP introduced Phantom hybrid in-ear headphones with a very original set of drivers. Each headphone has eight drivers, which include four pairs of emitters of different types. The bass is reproduced by two dynamic drivers with diaphragms made of diamond-like carbon and graphene, the middle frequencies are entrusted to the Sonion 2300 armature transducer, and the high-frequency range is given to the … Read more