Kaitlyn Dever escapes from an alien in the trailer for the horror thriller “Nobody Can Save You”

The trailer for Brian Duffield’s horror thriller Nobody Can Save You has appeared. The main role was played by 26-year-old Kaitlyn Dever, known for the film “An Education” (2019) and the TV series “The Last Man Standing.” The atmosphere of the video is reminiscent of the “alien” thriller hits “A Quiet Place” (2018), “Dark Skies” (2013) and “Signs ” (2002).

Nobody’s Gonna Save You centers on angsty, outcast homebody Brynn (Deaver). One night, her house, located in the middle of nowhere, is invaded by an incomprehensible, frightening creature that looks like an alien. The electricity in the house goes out, and the girl has to hide from the alien without the hope of calling rescuers. In the morning, Brynn rushes to the town to ask for help. However, she soon finds out that she will have to confront the mysterious creature alone: ​​the people she meets seem to be “infected” with something and behave strangely…

Brian Duffield, director of Nobody Can Save You, previously directed the teen film Spontaneous (2020), starring 13 Reasons Why’s Katherine Langford (2017). As a screenwriter, he also worked on the TV series Skull Island (2023) and the second part of Divergent (2015). Duffield wrote the script for Nobody Can Save You himself. Here’s what he had to say about the plot:

“I wanted the film to do a little character exploration and have them invaded by aliens. The end of the world will happen not only for those people who are ready for it. This is a film about aliens who destroyed the “bubble” that the heroine had been creating and developing for many years. It seemed like a unique way to tell a story I love.”

According to the director, people, deep down in their souls, are still afraid of aliens – especially since our world is becoming crazier and more out of control. The aliens in the film Nobody Will Save You are superior to humans in every way – so they are sincerely surprised by the resistance on the part of the main character.

Brian Duffield is glad he was able to get Kaitlyn Dever to play the lead role – according to him, it’s not just about her acting talent. Like Brynn, Deaver, in a sense, found herself in an unfamiliar environment: the actress had not previously starred in “aggressively physical” films with a science-fiction plot.

The premiere of the film “Nobody Will Save You” will take place on September 22.

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