MAGICO Announces New DUAL-PUNCH Magico S-SUB 2023

Magico S-SUB 2023

Magico S-SUB 2023, the renowned manufacturer of high-end audio products, has announced the release
of its latest subwoofer model, the Magico S-SUB 2023. This second-generation subwoofer has been
specifically designed to perfectly complement the Magico S Series of loudspeakers, further
enhancing the audio experience for discerning music enthusiasts.

Building upon the success and technological advancements of the flagship TITAN-15 subwoofer,
the Magico engineering team has incorporated innovative concepts from its research and development
to elevate the performance of the original S-SUB.

With meticulous attention to detail, the team has refined and improved virtually every aspect of the
subwoofer, pushing the boundaries of audio reproduction. At the heart of the Magico S-SUB, 2023 is
a pair of front-firing 13-inch drivers, carefully engineered to deliver unparalleled low-frequency
response and accuracy.


With a power rating of 550W RMS continuous, and even higher under peak conditions, the S-SUB 2023 is
capable of delivering exceptional bass performance with clarity and precision. The S-SUB 2023 employs
a super-stiff aluminum cone design, striking an ideal balance between stiffness and weight.

This construction ensures the reproduction of deep, impactful bass without sacrificing speed and accuracy.

Furthermore, an advanced motor system within the subwoofer creates a highly stabilized magnetic field,
utilizing multiple copper shorting rings to minimize distortion and stabilize inductance. The result is
a truly immersive listening experience, where every nuance of the music is faithfully reproduced.

Designed to seamlessly integrate with the Magico S Series loudspeakers, the S-SUB 2023 complements their
exceptional soundstage and imaging capabilities. The subwoofer effortlessly extends the low-frequency
performance of the S Series, filling the room with rich, detailed bass that enhances the overall musical

With the introduction of the Magico S-SUB 2023, Magico reaffirms its commitment to pushing the
boundaries of audio technology and delivering uncompromising performance. This latest addition
to its lineup showcases the company’s dedication to innovation and its ability to refine and improve
upon its previous achievements.

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The Magico S-SUB 2023 is expected to be available through authorized Magico dealers starting in late August 2023. Music enthusiasts and audiophiles seeking the ultimate audio experience can look forward to integrating this exceptional subwoofer into their high-end audio systems.


Output: Capable of delivering 120dB sound pressure level (SPL) with less than 1% total harmonic distortion at 40Hz

Driver: 2 x 13”

Frequency response: 15Hz—150Hz

Amplifier power: 3200W on 230V (actual output depends on the electrical supply)

Input impedance: 45k ohms

Dimensions: 31.9”H x 19.25”D x 15.31”W

Weight: 200 pounds

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