Gary Yacoubian


Gary leads the charge at SVS with a passionate, hands-on approach backed by a tireless work ethic. His leadership is critical to all aspects of product development, engineering, customer service, operations, marketing and sales and he works closely with each department to make sure they are invested in the SVS mission and resourced appropriately.

A fierce proponent of accountability and the customer-first mentality, Gary interacts with SVS dealers, owners and potential customers every day through social media, email and other channels. With more than 25 years invested in consumer electronics on the retail and corporate side, Gary is an industry icon who always has his finger on the pulse of SVS and the audio industry in general.

Gary’s retail experience got him into lots of people’s homes, where he learned up close how they use and enjoy technology. His manufacturing experience taught him the best practices for designing and building world-class products, but he has always been an enthusiast with a love for audio and home theater above all else, which has helped him the most at SVS.

Gary currently lives in Maryland with his wife and has two sons, one of which is headed off to college. He also has two dogs and most enjoys the thrill of live music during his free time, a sonic sensation which he tries to capture with every SVS audio product.

Gary has served on the Executive Board of the Consumer Technology Association (CTA), the organization that holds International CES is Las Vegas. As a past Chair, his appointment marked the first time in the Association’s history that a CE retail executive had taken a senior leadership position with its Board. He is Past Chair of CTA’s Division Executive Board, the governing body of all of that Association’s Divisions, and is currently serving on CTA’s Audio Division Board. Gary has served on numerous committees and industry panels for the Association and others in the Consumer Electronics industry and has also served on the advisory boards of several audio/video manufacturers.

Gary has been featured as a commentator on local Washington, DC television news programs, and has been frequently quoted in The Washington Post and Washingtonian magazine on consumer electronics topics, as well as in numerous industry trade magazines. He also has a regular column in Dealerscope Magazine.


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Listening at Home:

7.1.4 Home theater with Ultra Towers (front), Ultra Center, Ultra Surrounds (back), 4 Prime Elevation (height), Prime Elevation (side), and Ultra Subwoofer

Two channel system with Ultra Bookshelf

5.1 Home theater with Prime Tower, Prime Center, Prime Bookshelf, SB-2000

Prime Satellite 2.1 system

On Sound Quality:

“Music has been my passion literally since before I could talk, or at least so that has been reported to me by my parents!! Because of that, the love of great sound has been a part of my life as far back as I can remember, so it is obvious to anyone who knows me why I was drawn to the audio industry. I’ve managed audio companies from both the retail and manufacturing side, so you could make the case that my whole life prepared me for my role at SVS, since we get to make awesome audio products that connect people to the music and movies they (and I) love, plus I get to talk directly to the folks who enjoy our products. How cool is that?”

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