Dennis van der Wal

Dennis van der Wal - Bowers & Wilkins

Meet Dennis van der Wal, a multi-talented individual with a diverse background that includes entrepreneurship and a successful legal career. Before becoming a lawyer, Dennis immersed himself in
the world of business during his college days. As an aspiring entrepreneur, he traded in computers he assembled himself, relishing the thrill of selling merchandise at fairs and markets.

His entrepreneurial spirit never waned, and he still cherishes the memories of negotiating with suppliers and furnishing his own office space with enthusiasm.

Despite taking it a bit easier on the trading front now, Dennis continues to find joy in his legal work,
particularly in the art of negotiation, where he skillfully secures favorable settlement agreements.
Alongside his legal endeavors, Dennis also nurtures a unique and captivating hobby – restoring old tape recorders and record players. His hands-on approach surprises many, given his profession as a lawyer,
but it showcases his versatility and passion for preserving vintage audio equipment.

Beyond his professional pursuits, Dennis nurtures a profound love for high-fidelity audio

With his exceptional Bowers & Wilkins 800D3 speakers as the centerpiece of his system, Dennis has created a listening experience that transcends the ordinary. Powered by the powerful Accuphase A-47 amplifiers in the bridge mode, and with the Accuphase C-2850 preamplifier with a phono module at the helm, Dennis leaves no room for compromise when it comes to sonic purity and precision.

Adding to his repertoire of source components, Dennis embraces the Yamaha CD S3000 for a delightful exploration of his cherished CD collection. The Hifi Rose RS-150 media player further expands his horizons, granting access to a world of high-resolution audio, where every note is meticulously preserved.

Ever the connoisseur of vinyl, Dennis revels in the analog charm of the Clearaudio Concept turntable. Coupled with a high-quality cartridge, it effortlessly breathes life into his treasured vinyl records, making each listening session an intimate encounter with the music.

To complete his sonic masterpiece, Dennis spares no expense in crafting custom-made cables. This attention to detail ensures that every nuance and subtlety in the audio signal is conveyed with utmost transparency, revealing the full potential of his system.

Dennis’ dedication to his Bowers & Wilkins system is evident in every aspect, from his meticulous choice of components to his pursuit of audio perfection. With an unwavering commitment to quality and a discerning ear for sound, Dennis has forged a home audio system that encapsulates the essence of true audio excellence.

In his journey through different passions, Dennis van der Wal has embraced the joy of discovery, whether in trading, law, or audio. His dynamic personality and unwavering commitment to excellence make him a true connoisseur in every endeavor he pursues.

As he continues to navigate through the ever-changing currents of life, Dennis stands as an inspiration to those around him. His unyielding spirit and thirst for knowledge remind us that the pursuit of one’s passions is an endless adventure, leading to new and extraordinary experiences.

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