the world’s first headphones with SMC magnets

Wireless DALI IO-12

Wireless DALI IO-12 Danish company DALI has unveiled the IO-12 Bluetooth headphones, which it says is the world’s first Soft Magnetic Compound (SMC) headphone. And it’s hard to disagree with this, since SMC is DALI’s proprietary patented technology to minimize hysteresis in speaker magnetic systems. Thanks to this, the DALI IO-12 headphones, equipped with proprietary … Read more

Sony announces TWS headphones for PS5

sony tws headphones ps5

Sony has demonstrated a prototype of fully wireless headphones designed to be used in conjunction with the PlayStation 5 game console . The development of this model has been going on for a long time under the code name Project Nomad. The design of the earphones is clearly inspired by the shape of the PS5, as is the appearance of the … Read more