Musical Fidelity M6si Test

Musical Fidelity M6si test

Musical Fidelity has been developing and producing high-quality Hi-Fi equipment for over 30 years. The release of each new device to the market is always preceded by a lot of painstaking work by designers and engineers. We gladly agreed to test the new M6si integrated power amplifier. This device is an improved and modified version of the … Read more

SVS 3000 Micro vs sb 3000

SVS 3000 Micro vs sb 3000

want to find your best Subwoofer SVSSOUND well a well-known Company for making subwoofers SVS sound offers several subwoofers from 1000 to 4000 and PB-16 ULTRA and as of comparison between svs-3000 micro and SB-3000, Both the SVS 3000 Micro and the SB-3000 are subwoofers manufactured by SVS, a well-known brand in the audio industry. … Read more

Meet Alexander – A Journey through Sound and Technology

Alexander Karlsen - audio enthusiastic

In the vast landscape of audio enthusiasts, there are few whose passion and dedication shine as brightly as Alexander’s. Hailing from the scenic town of Skien, Norway, and currently residing in the dynamic city of Oslo, Alex is a true connoisseur of sound. As he joins our website’s community of audio enthusiasts, let us take … Read more

Dennis van der Wal

Meet Dennis van der Wal, a multi-talented individual with a diverse background that includes entrepreneurship and a successful legal career. Before becoming a lawyer, Dennis immersed himself in the world of business during his college days. As an aspiring entrepreneur, he traded in computers he assembled himself, relishing the thrill of selling merchandise at fairs … Read more

Ronald van Dijk

best home audio setup

In our esteemed Bowers & Wilkins owners list, we proudly introduce the next individual who stands out with an exceptional sound system – none other than Ronald Van Dijk. With a passion for movies, gaming, and the world of home cinema, Ronald has crafted a remarkable setup that exemplifies the very essence of audio excellence. … Read more

Alejandro Aguilera


Bowers & Wilkins Owner Alejandro Aguilera‘s audio setup includes a combination of carefully selected components that aim to provide a high-quality listening experience. Let’s take a closer look at the various elements: Overall, Alejandro Aguilera’s audio setup incorporates a range of quality components to achieve a balanced and immersive listening experience. It combines a digital-to-analog … Read more