BGVP Phantom headphones with four types of drivers

BGVP Phantom headphones

BGVP introduced Phantom hybrid in-ear headphones with a very original set of driversEach headphone has eight drivers, which include four pairs of emitters of different types. The bass is reproduced by two dynamic drivers with diaphragms made of diamond-like carbon and graphene, the middle frequencies are entrusted to the Sonion 2300 armature transducer, and the high-frequency range is given to the Knowles RAD armature driver.

At the edges of the operating range, two more pairs of other types of emitters work – ultra-high frequencies are sounded by two Sonion electrostatic drivers, and the lowest bass is closed by a dual driver that works due to bone conduction. This combination of emitters allows, according to the manufacturer, to ensure the most plausible reproduction of musical material. Another interesting feature is the use of a thermochromic pigment in the construction of the housing made of synthetic resin, which changes the color of the headphones upon prolonged contact with the body.

BGVP Phantom headphones

Despite such a complex configuration, thanks to the low impedance of 12 ohms and the sensitivity of 107 dB, the headphones will not become a difficult load for the amplifier. The model is supplied with a detachable cable with a combined 3.5 mm/4.4 mm plug.

The BGVP Phantom Hybrid Headphones are on sale online for a retail price of $899.

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