Bang & Olufsen launches brand campaign: See Yourself in Sound

Bang & Olufsen launches brand campaign: See Yourself in Sound

See Yourself in Sound. Today, Bang & Olufsen launches its latest brand campaign.
As the name suggests, this campaign embeds Bang & Olufsen’s new brand direction,
by giving life to listener’s music tastes in the form of interactive avatars that
are totally unique to each person’s musical taste.

Bang & Olufsen Chief Marketing Officer Kamel Ouadi explains why See Yourself in Sound
is the next step for Bang & Olufsen in the world of music. “Our products have been considered the
best way to hear music for almost a century – something we’re very proud of.

In a world that is centered around digital interaction, creativity, and exploration, it was essential to me,

that Bang & Olufsen makes a space where our community can visualize their passion for music,

alongside the process of curating, listening, and enjoying it” he says

“We’ve always been a brand that champions self-expression and identity, creating designs that are ahead of the curve and
challenge the norm, allowing our community to enjoy music through something that delights and intrigues the senses.
Ouadi expresses that this campaign truly represents our brand and we will showcase it
both online and in our stores for our customers and fans to enjoy.

Bang & Olufsen’s Creative Director Paul Collins explains why to See Yourself in Sound came to life:

“Music isn’t something we just listen to, it’s something we feel. It expresses who we are and who we connect with.

The feeling of listening to music that you truly love can transport you to another world, and we wanted to visualize that world with See Yourself in Sound” Collins explains.

He continues “Music is a universal language that everyone speaks, but music is also something completely
unique to each listener and has always been a way to create your identity… the junction where community
and connection meets individual expression and creativity is something we want to honor with this project”.

A Century of Music & Expression

Since Bang & Olufsen’s birth in 1925, Bang & Olufsen has been at the forefront of audio technology and is a brand that is held in high regard by music lovers all over the world.

A heritage and history built on doing things differently sat at the core as this campaign developed, conceptualizing a new visual identity that honors Bang & Olufsen’s past, whilst paving the way for its future.

Taking an idea that places the brand in a new direction, and finetuning it into a campaign
that lives across social and physical activations was the task taken on by Bang & Olufsen’s creative team,
and agency partner Hello Monday/ DEPT®.

“The landscape for avatars and hyper-reality forms has grown in recent years and work
in the digital space is only becoming more prevalent.
We worked closely with Bang & Olufsen to design something that not only was unique to each
participant of the campaign, but something that felt unique in the world of avatars of
the present day” says Anders Jessen, co-Founder of Hello Monday/ DEPT®.

Creating your own personal avatar

Bang & Olufsen invites users to take part in the See Yourself in Sound experience
by visiting a specially designed website (,
where they can link their Spotify account* to create a bespoke, 3D shareable avatar.

*Participants without Spotify accounts can complete a short questionnaire on the See Yourself in Sound website to access their bespoke avatar.

Using the answers to the questionnaire, or the listening history of each participant’s Spotify account, the site will generate a result that considers Mood, Energy, and Groove, presenting a unique avatar in full motion, matching the music taste of the user.

Accessing a user’s listening history via Spotify allows for the hyper-personalization element of See Yourself in Sound to come alive. When processing the data, the website will take individual prevalent songs, albums, and playlists to craft the body, limbsand accessories (and more) of each avatar, meaning no two will look the same.

Activating The Campaign

The “See Yourself in Sound” brand campaign will be happening from 7-12-2023. It will be promoted on our all social media channels and through a global campaign with popular influencers. The See Yourself in Sound visual universe will simultaneously appear in stores across the world, inviting Bang & Olufsen’s community to interact in person.

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B&O’s Chief Marketing Officer “Kamel Ouadi” and Creative Director “Paul Collins” are both available for interviews regarding See Yourself in Sound.

More information can be found at

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