Atman Sylph turns any surface into a speaker

Atman, a French company, has recently unveiled an innovative device called Sylph, which has the unique capability of transforming almost any surface in a room into a dynamic sound emitter. By simply placing the Atman Sylph on a surface such as the floor, ceiling, window, or even a thin partition, and providing it with power and an audio cable, the device will begin playing music or audio signals. The device appears to incorporate a combination of a voice coil and a magnetic system, which effectively turns a smooth surface into a speaker cone.

The specifications of the Atman Sylph indicate that it requires an input power of 50 watts and has a resistance of 8 ohms. Multiple modules can be controlled by a single digital unit using Bluetooth technology. Each device weighs 0.8 kg and has dimensions of 107 x 107 x 43 mm.

According to Atman, the development of the Sylph took two years, and the design of the device is patented. Currently, the model is primarily targeted toward professional installers, and a final retail price has not yet been determined.

Overall, the Atman Sylph offers a novel and intriguing solution for audio reproduction by utilizing various surfaces within a room as sound emitters. Its unique design and capabilities have the potential to revolutionize the way we experience sound in our living spaces.

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