The next version of Apple AirPods is coming

Future Apple AirPods: hearing test, USB-C, and medical additions

The next version of Apple AirPods is coming – and it, of course, should be more attractive than the previous one. This will happen due to the transition to USB-C and the development of functionality. 

Since the introduction of the Apple AirPods seven years ago, the product group that includes the earbuds
(which includes the Apple Watch, TV, and HomePod) has quadrupled in revenue to $41 billion last year, and growth should continue.

To do this, the new AirPods will be able, apparently, to boast a more attractive price.

 The transition to USB-C switching, as difficult as it is for a manufacturer to admit, will also
be a factor in attraction. In addition, a hearing test function is almost promised, with the subsequent
adaptation of the sound of the headphones to the hearing characteristics of their particular owner. Apparently, for this, it will be necessary to respond to a series of sounds of different heights and volumes.

After the US Food and Drug Administration permitted the sale of certain hearing aids without a prescription,
a prescription, Apple, like many others, will join a major market with radically changed rules. 
But unlike competitors, Apple is not announcing a special model for people with
hearing problems – it will still be the same AirPods.

For this, features such as Conversation Boost and Live Listen have already been developed. They are still awaiting certification. In addition, AirPods will be able to measure body temperature through the ear canal. Obviously, all of the above is not yet complete information about the future novelty. Ahead — new details.

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