Adam Harding-Jones: A Sonic Virtuoso’s Elegance in Sound

In the world of audio connoisseurs, Adam Harding-Jones stands out as a maestro, curating a symphony of sound that embodies elegance and sophistication. Adam’s passion for high-fidelity audio is not only reflected in his impeccable sound system but also in his dedicated work and life experiences. Currently serving as the Team Leader at The Contact Company, Adam has showcased exceptional leadership and expertise in this role. Prior to this, he held the position of Customer Service Representative at BT, showcasing his commitment to delivering exceptional customer experiences.

Before venturing into the realm of customer service, Adam served as a Customer Service Assistant at Firstsource, honing his skills and gaining valuable insights into effective customer interactions. Additionally, Adam has a notable history as a former Constable at Merseyside Police, displaying a diverse range of experiences that contribute to his well-rounded perspective.

Adam currently resides in Wallasey, a place that is not only his home but also the backdrop to his sonic journey. The harmonious blend of his work, personal life, and love for audio is a testament to his balanced approach to achieving excellence in every aspect of his life.

The Heart of the System:

Naim Uniti Star:

At the core of Adam’s audio setup lies the Naim Uniti Star. Naim’s dedication to audio excellence is vividly represented in the Uniti Star, a fusion of a high-quality amplifier and an all-in-one streaming player. Its versatility, combined with Naim’s signature sound quality, makes it a cornerstone of Adam’s auditory realm.

Rega 50th Anniversary Edition Turntable:

Adding a touch of vintage nostalgia to the setup is the Rega 50th Anniversary Edition turntable. Rega, known for its exceptional turntable craftsmanship, has celebrated its 50th anniversary with this masterpiece. This turntable brings vinyl records to life, invoking the authentic sound that only a vinyl enthusiast can truly appreciate.

The Voice of the System:

Focal Aria 926 Speakers:

The Focal Aria 926 speakers, adorning the setup in stunning piano black, are the epitome of auditory elegance. Focal is renowned for its meticulous engineering and the Aria 926 is no exception. These floor-standing speakers deliver an expansive soundstage, precise imaging, and a warmth that envelops the listener. Their integration into Adam’s system represents a commitment to aural perfection.

The Foundation and Presentation:

Solid steel Rack:

In an audio setup, the foundation matters, and Adam understands this profoundly. The Solid steel rack not only provides a stable platform for the components but also showcases an aesthetic touch. It ensures optimal positioning and resonance control, adding to the overall sonic experience.

The Fusion of Elegance and Cost:

Adam’s audio setup embodies a remarkable fusion of elegance and cost-effectiveness. The total investment of £7000 showcases a keen eye for value without compromising on quality. It’s a testament to Adam’s ability to curate an exquisite audio experience within a defined budget, proving that audiophile excellence can be achieved without breaking the bank.

“Capturing Sonic Beauty: Adam Harding-Jones’ Audio Setup in Pictures”


Adam Harding-Jones’s audio setup is a testament to his refined taste and love for music. It’s a carefully curated ensemble of components, each chosen for their ability to contribute to the symphony of sound he desires. From the heart of the system, the Naim Uniti Star, to the soulful vintage experience of the Rega turntable, and the elegant resonance emanating from the Focal Aria 926 speakers, every piece plays its part in Adam’s auditory journey.

This system embodies a unique blend of sophistication, cost-effectiveness, and a passion for audio that will undoubtedly resonate with fellow enthusiasts. Adam’s audio journey is a testament to the idea that exceptional sound can be achieved through a thoughtful selection of components, a deep appreciation for music, and an ear attuned to sonic perfection.

If you have any questions or are curious to learn more about Adam Harding’s impressive high-end sound setup, the components he chose, or his approach to creating an exceptional auditory experience, feel free to leave your inquiries in the comment section below! Adam is eager to share his knowledge and passion for audio excellence with fellow enthusiasts.

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